About Us

Why Us


Throughout BSE, we work as a seamless team and it shows in our timeliness, work ethic and the quality of our engineering & construction projects. We take pride in our work and our employees talents and capabilities. With over 10 years of design and construction experience under our belt, we have fine-tuned our design process to a science. Through careful planning, scheduling and budgeting we strive to meet your needs and deliver an exceptional project. BSE then monitors and adjusts the project plan to ensure schedule, cost and quality expectations are met throughout the duration of the project.  

Strong In-House Design

Through BSE’ vast design experience, we are able to guide our clients to avoid potential problems on paper long before breaking ground and losing time and money. BSE has an in-house Engineering that works closely with owners to establish design requirements, reviews project costs and feasibility. We also assist in cost reviews, engineering system and constructability. 

Dedicated Project Team

We assign dedicated Project Management Teams to every BSE project that includes our in-house Pre-Construction Team, an in-house Project Manager and an Onsite Superintendent. This personal and accessible approach is one of the most important differentiators we offer to our clients. 

Delivery Methods

When building, there are several contract types to choose from. Each project is different and will have factors that will determine which will be the best contract for you. BSE guarantees to be reliable, thorough and professional in whichever contract works best for your project. 

Strong In Procurement

BSE Engineering & Construction’s procurement team analyzes our projects and provides cost, availability and compliance on material selections. We then make recommendations to control cost, risk, and delivery without compromising quality.

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