• Location:    35 Tu Do Boulevard,VSIP, Thuan An District, Binh Duong Province.
  • Investors:    GLOMED Pharmaceutical Company Limited (AN ABBOTT AFFILIATE COMPANY)
  • Scope of work:    Design & Build all the services included Civil, HVAC, Electrical, BMS, Steam, Air Filtration, Ventilation and Validation works.

BSE has been developing continuously, obtained a stable standing and approved full of financial capability and technique to fulfill in time high quality projects.

Our scper of works is Design & Build all the services as listed below:

        + Reuse/ relocate definitive existing AHUs to adapt with new room book data and new proposal AHU mapping;

        + Design & Build 09 new bespoke AHUs;

        + Design & Build external Heating Coil;

        + Ducting: Fire damper, VCD, VAV, CAV box, silencer box;

        + Heat Exchange System: Heat exchange plate;

        + Hot Water System: Pump, valves, pipe & control;

        + Steam System: Valve, pipeline, control;

        + HEPA Filter: Camfil filter, Housing & box…

        + Power supply system

        + BMS system: Sensor, wiring, control panel, DDC, software, IQ/OQ document comply to FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

        + Chiller Water supply: Pipeline, Valves, Control system.

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