HSE & Quality

HSE & Quality



BSE Engineering Construction Co,  Ltd is committed to the highest level of Health,  Safety  &  Environment (HSE)  management  throughout  all  stages  of  our  activities  and,  it  is  our  policy  to  proactively manage HSE to protect our Employees, Clients, Sub-Contractors and the communities.

Our objective is to make stringent efforts to reduce risk to the lowest levels practicable in order to achieve our ultimate HSE goal of zero incidents.

To achieve this objective BSE will:

  • Identify  HSE  hazards  via  risk  assessment  and  action  to  eliminate  or  minimize  harm  to people or the environment arising from our activities.

  • Work in a safe and environment friendly manner, in accordance with all current application global and local HSE legislation

  • Ensure  that  all  members  of  staff  and  Sub-contractors  are  trained  in  HSE  technique  and work  safely  in  accordance  with  their  HSE  responsibilities  as  defined  in  the  BSE’s HSE management system.

  • Only select qualified Sub-contractors who are capable of accomplishing highest practical levels of HSE control whilst carrying out their duties.

  • Conduct rigorous internal auditing and arrange external auditing to ensure compliance with the requirements of Vietnam law (We are now plan to comply to OSHAS 18001 and ISO 14001)

  • Carry out regular reviews of our HSE Management system and associated procedures to ensure  these  are  implemented  to  their  maximum  potential,  and  seek  continual improvement in all aspects of HSE Management.

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