Electronics & Semiconductors

Electronics & Semiconductors

Electronics & Semiconductor


BSE have a detailed understanding of the complexities of designing and working in Electronic & semiconductor facilities. Controlling temperature and humidity is crucial to the longevity and performance of semiconductors.

Semiconductors are often fragile and operations can be impacted by minute temperature fluctuations or mild contaminants such as dust or dirt. Over the past several decades, BSE has stayed in step with the innovations of semiconductor fabricators, supplying all needs from cleanrooms,  temperature & humidity control systems, civil works to meet the critical needs of the industry.

Our team will engineer, install and commission services for Cleanrooms, HVAC, electrical, lighting, gases, DI & ultra pure water, Compressor dry-air, waste collection systems as well as building works.


    • Cleanrooms system

    • Ultra Pure and Softer Water Systems

    • High and Low Purity Bulk, House, and Specialty Gases

    • HVAC

    • Solvent and Specialty Waste Systems

    • Vacuum Systems

    • Process Utilities

    • Process and Critical Process Cooling Water Systems

    • Chilled and Hot Water Systems

    • Compressor dry air (CDA) Oil-free

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