HVAC System

HVAC System

Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning & Refrigeration


BSE are specialist industry experts in designing, providing and installing unique heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems for a diverse range of if industrial and commercial spaces. BSE tailors our services and solutions to each customer’s HVAC-R and mechanical needs. We understand that each customer’s needs and budgets are different so we create unique solutions to fit these needs. BSE takes pride in having relationships with all HVAC-R equipment manufactures. This can give the customers the most competitive pricing and the best solutions to their applications.


BSE are the expert link between Chiller manufacturers and our clients, we area provide nationwide supply and full turn key services.
We design & installation as main contractor or subcontractor for installations of many type of chiller.
We are not an agent for any particular chiller manufacturer which allows us flexibility in selecting the most suitable unit for your application and allows us to specify only quality chillers.

We know that energy efficiency is the prime driver and we like to work with businesses who want to select the most energy efficient HVAC applications with value added.
We assist clients by selecting the most effective equipment for their individual applications by looking after their business interests and their energy needs.


BSE can select, supply and install a range of cooling towers, whether you require a one-off unit or a multi-cell solution. The tower size and level of thermal performance are unlimited and we can design completely bespoke options. We supply and install cooling tower range includes both open and closed design towers and crossflow, counterflow, forced draft and induced draft models.

We’ll ensure you have the most efficient and cost-effective option for your application or process. We will help you every step of the way, from initial inquiry right through to delivery, installation and maintenance.


At BSE, our qualified service technicians have the experience, dedication, and wealth of knowledge necessary to handle all of your refrigeration service needs. Our services keep your equipment running at optimum efficiency.

We know how crucial having a practical and powerful refrigeration system that will endure the elements is in commercial or other settings. The most important part of working with our clients is gaining their trust. Our systems are highly efficient and effective, ensuring maximum sustainability and the very latest technology.

We design and service the following systems and equipment:

  • Cold storage
  • Commercial refrigeration
  • Process cooling


The computational-fluid dynamics (CFD) technology is used to analyses the HVAC system design to validate whether the HVAC installation shall meet specific requirements. With CFD technology, airflow can be realistically simulated to identify common HVAC problems, such as heat distribution, air flow, high-pressure drop and poor air-distribution. The CFD considers everything from the influence of sunlight to the layout of the rooms and the placement of air supply, air return around furnishings, resulting in a comfort analysis and/or product validation.

The goal is to figure out the best air circulation solutions for a specific space. BSE is planing to apply CFD technology to simulated some special space such as:

  • Clean Rooms
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Laboratories
  • Data center


Our highly experienced, qualified and passionate HVAC-R engineers utilise the most advanced tools, equipment and techniques to guarantee a flawless installation, ensuring your system runs efficiently while promoting workplace productivity. 

We know that replacing an existing industry and commercial HVAC-R system can be costly and disruptive, and if the process isn’t planned properly, revenue and employee productivity can suffer. Most industry and commercial heating and cooling systems have a functional service life of 05-20 years, depending on the brand and style of equipment. Retrofit projects are designed to integrate new components into existing HVAC-R networks. When practical, retrofitting provides a more cost-effective way to improve performance without having to replace the entire system.

If your facilities experiences any of the following issues, it may be a prime candidate for a retrofit upgrade:

  • Is the HVAC system over 10 years old?
  • Are energy bills escalating without a logical explanation?
  • Are repair costs continually rising?

An aging HVAC-R system will lose efficiency, compromise comfort and require more frequent repairs. At some point, the equipment will need to be retrofitted or repaired to restore lost performance. We have dedicated aftercare services to help you keep your HVAC-R systems in top condition for years, helping you save money in the long run as well as remain comfortable at work.

In addition to installations and servicing, we can also providing retrofit and facilities services. In the process, we'll identify and repair minor issues before they become severe, help you minimise your energy bills and guarantee the safety of your workplace.

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