Compressor Air

Compressor Air

Compressor Air

Quality, Safety and Reliability

Manufacturing Advanced Technology (Semiconductor, Microelectronics, Electronic components) Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical requires the use of a large amount of compressed air, such as the transmission of components and the pneumatic control over induction valves. The compressed air used must be free of oil without any quality problems. When the compressed air is contaminated by oil, it may lead to a substantial increase in maintenance costs and if the problem is serious, it may lead to a complete production halt.

We offer oil free air compressors and other products for a pure and clean working environment in food and beverage facilities.

Air Quality Management

If you work in a business that manufactures food and beverages, pharmaceuticals or Advanced Technology (Semiconductor, Microelectronics, Electronic components...) and you require the use of compressed air then you will no doubt know the importance of having high quality compressed air on hand.

Compressed air can contain unwanted substances like oil and water, so it’s important that the compressed air you’re using is up to the required standard for the job.

Compressed air contaminated with oil, water is a danger for production systems, the environment and also health. Since oil contamination can occur at any point in compressed air processing, the risk should not be underestimated, especially in sensitive production areas of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, in food and beverage manufacturers and in surface technology. 

Productivity, Sustainability & Energy Conservation

We can help by using an “energy efficiency module” able to reduce pressure losses and identify leaks automatically.

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